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Expecting first baby girl in late September,early October!



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30 weeks!

I an now 30 weeks pregnant! This pregnancy is going by sooo fast!

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29 weeks!

Today, I’m 29 weeks pregnant!
I’ll have a more detailed post later on but I’ve been feeling amazing these last couple of days. Haven’t been on here much because I’ve had family over. Hope everyone is doing great!

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So I woke up today and saw mild spotting when I went to the restroom.
I know it’s normal to spot during your early stages of pregnancy. But, is it common when you’re 28 wks 5 days along?help from all those momma’s our there!

Get to know my husband!

My husband was reading my tumblr and jokingly said I never talk about him and how he’s half the reason this blog was even made.
Well then here you go… some facts on my hubby!
- His name is Adam
-He’s a doctor,cardiologist
-He’s half Italian like me.
-He can speak 4 languages, English, Spanish, Italian, French.
-He’s 6’3
-He’s my same age;26.
-He’a got dark brown hair.
-He loves sports!
-He’s super smart!
-He is always really serious but I can get him to crack a smile.
-He’s the only guy I’ve dated and i’m the only gal he’s dated.
-He loves being in shape.
-He loves reading.
-He’s the world’s most passionate husband.
-He’s going to be the best father ever!
-He doesn’t let me post upclose pictures of him or me for privacy reasons.

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Just found out my sister in law is pregnant! yay!! so excited!now we’ll both be pregnant together!

looks like my husband will become a father&uncle at the same time!

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Horrified of giving birth.

So lately I’ve been really scared of givig birth. I’ve been watching youtube videos,tv shows, and read about different birthing experiences. I’m just suddenly so worried that something will go wrong or that I won’t be able to push.
I guess it’s just my hormones, but it’s really been upsetting me. Also, I’m debating whether I should go all natural. No meds, nothing.
Right now I’m asking for all your opinions&thoughts on…
-natural delivery
-what was your experience like
-what was your biggest fear and what was the outcome of it
-just any thoughts on your birth experience in general!

28 Week Doctor’s Appointment!

Hope everyone had a great day(:
I had my doctor’s appointment today. Nothing much went on.
1- Aida’s heartbeat is in the mid 160’s. I think she said 166.
2-I had another glucose test-YUCK!
3-We discussed my birthplan more which I’ll talk about later on.
4-I’m going to start seeing her every two weeks from now on.
5-Everything is going perfect, my measurements are great.
She looks so beautiful as always!


This whole week I’ve been craving m&m cookies, ice cream with fudge&caramel, brownies with caramel&powdered sugar. So many sweets!! My husband is on his way to the bakery to pick some stuff up for me. wow. never wanted sweets so much in my life.

28 Week Pregnancy:

I am now into my 28th week!
Here are some symptomps and overview of what my week had been like.

For starters, she is the size of a cabbage.
This week has been fairly usual as the rest of my pregnancy.
-Sleeping is uncomfortable but still managable.
-Suprisingly,mild nausea.
-Cravings;peanut butter, chocolates,and brownies with caramel.
-As of now, I’ve gained roughly 25 pounds.
-We ordered our crib, it should be here next week.
-I have a doctors appointment Thursday.

After this, I have a couple posts to make:
-the name of our baby
-28 week belly shot
-maternity photos
-other misc